The future is in their eyes

The Mirror Project at the Berlinale Social Bus

Kevin McElvaney’s powerful film project about the people of Northern Iraq formed part of our programme for the 67th Berlinale, and was a huge hit with the audience.

It was a definite highlight of this year’s Berlinale Social Bus, run by ChariTea, Amnesty International and Viva con Agua – the long-awaited premiere of the experimental The Mirror Project.

Photographer and film-maker Kevin McElvaney wanted to find out what life was really like in Northern Iraq, under threat from ISIS. He packed his case, travelled to the region and asked a variety of people the same six questions on camera – women, men, soldiers, a monk, and even an ISIS fighter.

The last one – how do you envisage your future? – became a social experiment. The subjects answered the question whilst looking in the mirror.

The results were powerful and moving, for us and our many visitors. They left what will surely be a lasting impression on everyone. .

Thanks for the evening, Kevin!

Photos: © Sebastian Egert