Frequently Asked Questions


    • What makes ChariTea different from all those other iced teas?

      Our teas not only contain 100% organically grown ingredients; they’re also Fairtrade certified. That way, we’re not only supporting organic farming, but also sustainable practices where everyone is paid a fair wage for their work. On top of that, 5 cents for every bottle we sell goes to support the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation, which supports social projects in the regions where our ingredients are grown. You can find more about his work under “Projects” on this site.
    • Where can I buy ChariTea?

      You can buy ChariTea in selected cafes, restaurants and health food shops or if you are UK based online on drinkinghelps.co.uk. Trade customers and other resellers interested in stocking the drinks can contact us on sales@lemonaid.de for exclusive trade pricing.
    • Does ChariTea belong to one of the massive drinks conglomerates?

      No! ChariTea is a project started by friends. We’re independent and do what we do because we love it – that will never change. We got together to found ChariTea because we wanted to make our own small contribution to a better, fairer world. We just didn’t think that anyone was making truly delicious iced tea that we’d actually want to drink. So, we decided to put our money (and time) where our mouths were, and started ChariTea. Today, a few more people work in our little company. They help us with everything from the accounts to the purchase of raw materials, they look after our customers and take ChariTea on tour around the festival circuit. We also regularly take on interns who want to get to know the effervescent world of soft drinks, and St Pauli, Hamburg’s most vibrant district.
    • So are you properly organic?

      Oh yes – all our raw materials come from organic farms. Every last drop and grain. That’s why we can proudly display the official EU organic certification. Some of our ingredients are even Demeter-certified on top of that.
    •  Exactly how fair are you?

      We get all our ingredients from smallholders all over the world. Some of the co-operatives we use bear the official FLO Fairtrade logo, others are in the process of getting certified. All of them operate not only organically, but also in a socially sustainable way. The farmers get a fair price for their products, so they can start thinking long-term and live well off their land. Regularly we pack our bags and see for ourselves how things are going. You can read more about this in our blog articles.
    • Are you vegan as well?

      Yes, our drinks are vegan - the only exception: ChariTea green, that contains a bit of honey. All ChariTeas are made of nothing but selected organic raw materials. No artificial scents, flavours, or preservatives of any kind.
    • How much sugar contains a bottle of ChariTea?

      Our iced teas contain no industrial sugar. Just a little bit of natural agave syrup.
    • How can I support you?

      There are many ways you can support what we are doing. First of all, by buying one of our ChariTeas when you’re out and about. That way, you’re not only supporting Fairtrade but also social projects in the regions where our ingredients are grown. There might be places in your town, your university, or on your travels; cafes, bars and delis that don’t know about ChariTea yet. Do them a favour and give them a nudge in the right direction! Another way would be to simply become a fan of our facebook page and follow us on Instagram. This way we can keep you up to date with what's happening with us.
    • Can I collaborate on your project?

      Sure! There is plenty of work to do in our company. You will find current job offers in our "Jobs" section. General inquiries and speculative application letters can be send to jobs@charitea.com - or give us a call.
    • "Lemonaid" is ChariTeas sister, right?

      Yes, that's how you could call it. Lemonaid is natural lemonade from direct juices. Everything just as fair and as organically grown as the products in our teas. Again 5 cents per bottle goes to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. Retailers can find information on ChariTea here on our website in the section "Trade & Press" and at www.lemon-aid.com
    • Contains trace elements of fat, saturated fat, protein and salt - what's that all about?

      Fat, protein and salt occur naturally in tiny amounts in the various fruits (for example, in the oil from their shells). These fats are saturated fats, so that explains why they’re mentioned. The law says we have to mention saturated fat specifically, but the amounts we’re talking about here aren’t relevant from a nutritional point of view. That’s why they aren’t mentioned in the tables themselves.

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